Cold Black Leather & Cozy White Sweaters

My Love of Biographies When I was 26 I had a choice between two guys. Two very nice, very handsome guys! How lucky for me! One was clad in cold black leather. The other in cozy white sweaters. I had already been dating Mr. Leather long distance for over a year, and he had just…

The Tall Dark Stranger of San Francisco

My Two Day Adventure Along the Coast Day One: A New Adventure Today I ran along the San Francisco coastline for almost a full hour. It was wonderful! The day was sunny. Bright. Cheerful. The temperature was perfect and included a slight, yet lovely, breeze. Another bonus, it wasn’t even crowded. There’s something about San Francisco…

Blue Door Mystery

“Today, this portfolio features an impressive number of doors that have intrigued me on these many journeys. It’s a wonderful souvenir.”

The Sicily Notebook

“The blog was beautiful. A piece of art. It was strategically written by a talented writer who loved Italy. And more specifically Sicily.”

Quick Notes

“My journey has taken me from dreaming of one day writing a novel, to now hoping to publish the two works I have completed.”